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Pave the way to better conversion rates at a fraction of what you'd pay for a full project fee

Conver​​​​​​​sion-focused Copy Audit & Review

Whether you hired a professional to write your web copy or you took a DIY approach, you need website copy written in language that connects with your users. Language that makes them say yes... to whatever you are asking.

With a Copy Muse Copy Audit & Review, you get a conversion-focused review that will home in on areas of your website where you lose site visitors. Not to state the obvious... but you aren't selling anything once they bounce.

What you get:

  • Copy review for up to 3 website pages 
  • 30 minute live consult via Zoom
  • UX friction points and possible solutions
  • Video presentation of review
  • Written report with corrections, copy suggestions, and action items tailored to your specific needs
  • A 7-day turnaround on the review video and documentation

A Copy Muse website review harnesses decades of business and copywriting experience to deliver action items you can implement to keep more readers hanging around long enough to see what you have to offer.

You'll have a detailed copy review with a focus on conversion in just 7 days

That's a fast turnaround when you consider there is nothing generic or templated about this review

I quickly get to know your business, your customers, and your competition.

With this in mind, I review your navigation, headlines, subheads, site copy, friction in the UX/UI, friction in the design, images, layout, and any other components individual to your site.


I promise

To get to know your business and customers as best I can in a short period of time so the feedback you receive is relevant to your specific business needs.

I guarantee

You will be thrilled with the value you receive from the customized feedback and action steps. If your site is perfect and there is no room for improvement you get your money back.

Impressive attention to detail

Betsy took the time to get to know our business and understand what was
critical for our success.

We were so impressed with the level of detail in her reivew, we hired her to
rewrite the entire website.

Pam Bennett
Political Consultant

Let's Get Started!

Step 1 - Pay $897 for your audit through the secure Thrivecart embedded widget
Once you pay, you will be redirected to my calendar on Calendly.

Step 2 - Choose your date and complete a questionnaire
Only the first three questions are required - I have to know your name, email address, and the urls to be reviewed... but if you don't have time now to complete the other questions feel free to leave them for later. After you have submitted your answers, you will be brought back to this website to a confirmation page.

Step 3 - Read helpful info on the confirmation page.
The confirmation page offers an FAQ, easy contact form, and website review videos (none that I've completed for clients! Those are private.)

Step 4 - Count to seven
Seven days from the date you selected on my calendar that is! Once your report and video are ready, I'll send them along with another link to my calendar. (At no additional charge!) Pick your time and we'll go over any questions you have.

I Look Forward to Working with You!