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Buy My Expertise & Enjoy a Half Day of Copy (& Strategy Goodness

Some projects just don't fit into a tidy package and sometimes you just have jobs to be done and you want an expert knocking them out for you and getting them off your task list so you can move onto the tasks that fall within your zone of excellence.

We can use these four hours to optimize existing pages, conduct research and data mining, brainstorm, write a quick email sequence or get started on a longer one, or optimize copy on existing transactional emails and landing pages... those tasks that often get ignored.

Our day will start straight up on the hour with a quick Zoom chat. If you've completed the intake form sent via email after you purchased your half day, I'll be able to dig in quickly and get more work done for you. 

I'll be available via Zoom and will check in midway through the session, but interruptions can slow my progress, so it's best to keep them to a minimum unless we've planned a strategy session. We'll check in on Zoom again at the end so I can update you on where the work stands.

I'm looking forward to working with you!