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What if your sales emails funneled prospects directly to your buy button?

I'm not talking about people who are vaguely curious - people who poke around and click on the button to see where it takes them and then cancel out quickly in hopes you didn't notice...

I'm talking qualified prospects. People who know they have a pain you can fix or a desire you can fulfil. 

They know your service or product is the right fit because your email spoke directly to them - not because you sold them... nobody wants to feel like they've been sold.

Your emails showed them you understand them and want to help.

This is email at its finest

This is what you've been dreaming about... but there's one catch. You don't know how to get your email readers to click through to your offer.

At the risk of being redundant, I’ll clue you in on the best way to get your readers to click through to your offer...


Yes... once again, data is key to converting readers into buyers.

Without data, this is what your email campaigns probably look like...

You send your list five emails inviting them to your live webinar with the promise that they will learn something.

Only a small portion open your email, a smaller percentage click through to your landing page, and a much smaller number sign up for your webinar.

An even smaller number actually show up.

I get it. The numbers just don't say what you need them to say for your business to thrive.

Here's what I see far too often...

Just to make sure the right emails are sent, they're modeled them after those sent by an online marketing rock star - someone who says they are easily making seven figures per launch.

These gurus boast of thousands of webinar attendees... so clearly their email sequence must work.

And it does... with their list

If this sounds familiar...

It's time to show your followers - those people who signed up for your list because they were excited by what you have to offer - the respect they deserve.

Write emails just for them.

Deliver what they want from you - not what some internet marketing guru's list wants - what YOUR list wants.

Create effective data-powered emails driven by the pain, needs, and desires of your prospects. They know you are talking to them because they see themselves reflected in your email.

What if you could find that sweet spot where your message meets face-to-face with your prospects' pains, needs, and desires?

Well then... you will be the next email marketing rockstar.

Copy that is powered by data helps you build trust and trust opens wallets