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Bold, attention-grabbing copy

that attracts leads and drives sales

Ready to funnel prospects directly to the buy button?

Yes? Good. You're in the right place.

Why conversion copy? 

What does that even mean?

Conversion copy starts with data gathered from your buyers, prospects, and competitors.

Conversion copy meets your prospect where they are in the buying process, artfully guides them through making their decision, and drives them to take action.

Whether you're asking for an email address or a $10k sale - copy that is powered by real world data is designed to move your readers to act.

If you want bold copy that isn't pushy or scammy, colorful copy that isn't forced or artificial, ​​​powerful copy that is honest and reflects your brand voice... just click on this button riiiiiight here.

Revenue Boosters

High Converting
Sales Page

Ready for a Sales Page that brings your service, course, or product to life?

A sales page that converts readers to buyers is more than a dry recitation of features and benefits. A great sales page - a sales page that has readers searching frantically for their wallet - makes each reader feel the words were written just for them.

If you're ready to work with a pro who knows persuasion strategy and embraces your business goals as if they were her own, tell me about your project. I'll take a look and let you know if it falls within the scope of work I do.


Want your website to do more than sit there looking pretty?

If your website with better-done-than-perfect copy is more than a vanity project it's time we had a chat. 

Your website is your most important online sales tool. The words on each page have a purpose. They aren't just there to fill the box.

If you want your website to attract leads and convert them to buyers your words have to meet your buyers where they are in the buying process and guide them the rest of the way.

Want to work with a conversion copywriter driven to optimize the success of your website? Tell me more about your site and how it fits into your business goals and let's get started.



Want emails that do more than get deleted?

Emails that inspire readers to open and read them? Emails that feel like a personal conversation.
​​​​​​​Emails that inform, build trust, and drive sales?

I help my clients use email to drive sales and generate revenue. Want me to do the same for you?

Conversion Copy Quickies

Website Copy


Make your copy shine with a comprehensive website review

Is your website not performing for you and you just can't put a finger on why?

Do site visitors bounce before they ever see what you have to offer?

Let me ask you a few questions and maybe we can pinpoint why.

Is there consistency in your message and tone? What about your brand voice? Does your target market know you're talking to them? What stage of the buying process are most people in when they come to your website?

I will address these questions and so much more in a Website Copy Review. In just 7 days you will have a full written report and video guide to assist you in optimizing areas of your site that are key to finding leads and customers.

Click on the button below to find out more about this service and use the embedded form to snag your spot on my calendar. Secure payment is processed through Stripe.

Once the transaction is complete, you will be transferred to a confirmation page that offers answers to common questions and provides other relevant information to your review.

It's that easy and you're that much closer to a website that pulls its weight in the sales process.

Price: $897

What You'll Get

  • Copy review for up to 3 website pages 

  • Video presentation of review

  • Written report with corrections, copy suggestions, and action items tailored to your specific needs

  • Excludes long-form sales pages which are part of our Sales Funnel Review

Sales Funnel


Know Where the Leaks are in Your Sales Funnel?

If the click-through rate on your emails or ads is strong, but prospects are bouncing off your landing pages, you might have a problem with message matching.

If the click-through rate on your emails or ads is weak, your landing pages aren't getting a chance to prove their worth.

Even a basic sales funnel has a lot of working parts. That offers plenty of opportunities for prospects to leak from the process.

A Sales Funnel Review with analyze your funnel and help find and plug those leaks so more prospects make it to and pounce on that buy button.

Click on the button below to be transferred to Calendly where you will claim your spot on my calendar and answer a few questions about your sales funnel.  Secure payment is processed through Stripe.

Once the transaction is complete, you will be transferred magically back here to a confirmation page that offers answers to common questions and provides other relevant information to your review.

Price: $897

What You'll Get

  • Optimized copy for up to 3 landing pages or 5 marketing/launch emails... or our agreed upon combination

  • Video presentation of copy suggestions

  • Written report with copy suggestions and other action items

Half Day

Hire Me

Hire Me without Giving Me a Corner Office

In a half day I can help you turn good copy into kick ass copy, make your corporate or personal bio sparkle, polish your brand voice and check for consistency across your website, ads, and emails... and so much more.

We can work together on strategy or you can get me started on a list of copy tasks and we can check in at specified times. You get a full four hours of my time. The clock stops if I'm not working for or in meetings with you. This is a remote service only.

Price: $997

Perfect for: If you aren't quite ready to commit to hiring a copywriter for your business, but you know you need to polish your brand voice and boost conversions, this is where you should start.

What You'll Get

  • Four Full Hours
  • My undivided attention
  • Access via Zoom
  • As much copy, strategy, headlines, taglines, and content ideas that we can squeeze out of 4 hours

Want to go it alone and ready to learn?

I pass on as many golden nuggets as I can in my blog posts, through social media... and, of course, by email to folks on the Copy Muse email list. I've made it easy for you to find me below.